Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin as the Founding President of BRICSCESS and Founder/President of The Foundation for Global Community (GCH) was invited as an invited speaker along with 20 distinguished international delegates by the Social Development Center (NAMA) member of Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) to present at the 2019 Entrepreneurship Business Conference & Product EXPO, Doha, Qatar (21-25 Jan 2019)

Prof. Chin was invited to share his experience and work in using Brain Breaks to promote holistic health to children around the world by integrating education, physical activity, culture and music by using HOPSports Brain Breaks online streaming platform. He is invited to explore the possibility to promote Qatar and the 2022 World Cup and UN SDG 17, health and wellness through the Brain Breaks particularly under the patronage of the State of Qatar and Aspire Zone.

During the conference, Prof. Chin shared the important role BRICSCESS would play to support the promotion of health and wellness for the BRICS countries including China which initiated the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),a development strategy adopted involving infrastructure development and investments in Europe, Asia and Africa. Health and wellness is one of the key components of human capital to support economy growth of BRI.

Qatar is among the very first countries to have supported BRICS, has a dominant position in the Middle East with a crucial role to play in this mega project. The co-operation of BRICSCESS and the related organizations in Qatar to promote health and wellness of children and community is a win-win strategy and direction for all parties.