Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS served as Adviser and opening keynote speaker at The 2016 International Conference on Sport Pedagogy, Health and Wellness (ICSPHW 2016) (16-18 Nov 2016), which was organized by the College of Human Kinetics, University of the Philippines- Diliman with the co-operation of ACESS and Sport Management Council of the Philippines. ICSPHW 2016 was the largest Physical Education and Sports Science Conference ever staged in the Republic of the Philippines with over 700 local and international delegates, including BRICSCESS Vice Presidents Prof. Dr. Hans de Ridder and Prof. Dr. G.L Khanna. Prof. Chin also visited a top primary school and introduced the children to brain breaks. This was done to encourage and motivate children that being physical active is not just important for health but can be fun too.