The Faculty of Sport Science, Department of Physical Education and Sport Teacher Education, at Hacettepe University hosted the 4th GoFPEP from the 26-28 May 2016.

The theme for this conference was “Technology, Networking and Best practices in Physical Education and Health: Local to Glabal” which allowed comprehensive discussions on the future direction of health and physical education.

The conference was attended by 74 invited delegates and 19 Future Leaders/Volunteers (FLV) from 80 universities and institutions of 49 countries. The event was endorsed by 151 universities, institutions and professional associations. BRICSCESS members were also among the invited delegates and included Profs. Ming Kai Chin, Hans de Ridder, Assoc. Profs. Ricardo Uvinha, Maria Abulkhanova, Nara Oliveira and Maya van Gent. Prof. Chin, our Founding President, is the Co-Founder of GoFPEP and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of GoFPEP 2016. Prof. de Ridder was the President of GoFPEP 2014 in South Africa. All invited delegates had to prepare 15 min Power Point presentation illustrating best practices of physical activity and – education programs in their countries.

All presentation are available on the GoFPEP website and can be accessed on here.

The conference also included delegates to be assigned to groups and facilitate discussions around the conference theme. Delegates also visited laboratories in the Faculty of Sport Science at Hacettepe University and public schools to observe best practices of physical education and physical activity.