Professor Cinthia Lopes da Silva, of the Human Movement Science Graduate Program (UNIMEP), was nominated to the board of directors of BRICS Council of Exercise and Sports Science (BRICSCESS). Some of the activities she will be carrying out internationally are “developing partnerships with the other researchers on scientific papers, providing subsidies in terms of research to studies and investigations linked to BRICS. In addition to that, she will be helping to spread information of any related events and actions of the organization”. Among them are the future partnerships with researchers from Brazil and overseas for the participation in research projects, production of scientific papers and books, academic visits; and participation in events related to the organization of Research Project on Leisure, Body Practices and Culture (GELC), which is coordinated by Cinthia. “In addition to that, there are other actions in an international level which are in accordance with the academic policies of Unimep such as the construction of citizenship, moral values and habits which can improve the quality of life of the population considering the practice of physical activities and sports.