Prof. Dr. Cinthia Lopes da Silva, executive board member of BRICSCESS, was recently appointed as post graduate degree Professor for both Education and Human Movement Science (Master and Doctorate) degree programs. These are some of the tasks that are part of her responsibilities  

  • Develop various projects in education in the fields of education for leisure and education for health;
  • Study the human body and body beauty as a cultural construct;
  • Study of various research in leisure, health and historical-cultural references;
  • Organize scientific events with the focus of Basic Education;
  • Develop new collaboration projects with international stakeholders;
  • Assists students to participate in international exchange programs in the filed of education and human movement science;
  • Supervise post graduate research programs;
  • Expand the international networks related to education and human movement science;
  • Produce peer reviewed chapters, books and manuscripts;
  • Spearhead dissemination of information on BRICSCESS to students and professors at UNIMEP.

For further information, her contact is: or