As the Founder of International Conference of Physical Educators (ICPE) and International Adviser for the 6th Virtual International Conference of Physical Education and Sports Science (ICPESS) 2021-Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai Chin, the Immediate and Former Founding President played a major role in helping organize the conference, hosted by the Postgraduate Program of Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) and the Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH).

The 1st and 2nd International Conference for Physical Educators (ICPE-Hong Kong) were hosted at the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) (former Hong Kong Institute of Education) in 2000 and 2004; the 3rd ICPESS-Singapore was organized in conjunction of the 1st Youth Olympic Games Scientific Congress by Nanyang Technical University, National Institute of Education; the 4th ICPESS-Jakarta was organized by State University of Jakarta and the 5th ICPESS-Cappadocia was organized by Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University (NHBVU); and the 7th ICPESS-Barcelona is being organized by the University of Barcelona. Past conferences attendance ranged from 300-1000 participants attending from 20-30 countries.

Under the leadership of Dr. Susilo and his Organizing and Scientific Committee, the 6th Virtual ICPESS 2021-Jakarta received an award in the World Record Museum – Indonesia as one of the largest virtual Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) conferences in history. Seventy-two international speakers and symposium presenters and Future Leaders/Volunteers (FLV) from 37 countries/regions representing five continents were present providing support during the four-day interdisciplinary conference. Participants presented new research and provided practical applications for various innovative ways to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) 17 goals, especially Goal 3 Health and Well-Being; Goal 4 Quality Education and Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. This Virtual Conference received 80 local and international endorsements from universities and associations including all twelve Indonesia universities which offer sports science degrees. New innovative, creative projects, and methodology with sustainability in health and well-being provided stimulation for all to consider.

Our Founders and Board of Directors Prof. Dr. De Ridder, Prof. Dr. Uvinha,  Assoc.Prof. Dr. Abulkhanova, Prof. Dr. Dai, Assist..Prof. Dr. Da Silvia, Associate. Prof. Dr. Oliveira, Prof. Dr. Zhou, Prof. Dr. Wang, Prof. Dr. Kumar, Prof. Akhmerova and Associate. Prof. Dr. Andreeva were invited to present their research in addition to showing their full support for the BRICSCESS family.

The 6th Virtual ICPESS 2021-Jakarta conference quality was the result of much hard work provided by the Organizing Committee members. The technical team was most impressive with first class uploading and operation of the over 250 video presentations. In addition, this technical team closely monitored the interactions of the nearly 300 local and international delegates so as to assure a technical problem free conference. This task was enormous, and the technical team completed this mission in a masterful manner. The technical team made the transfer from “live” to “zoom” in flawless continuous motion.

Young scholars are the future of any organization. The Organizing and Scientific Committee of the 6th Virtual ICPESS 2021-Jakarta was very impressed by the large number of submissions from graduate students. Member of our Board of Directors Prof. Wang, East China Normal University; Prof. Dai, Soochow University, and Prof. Zhou, Henan University brought 64 graduate students from their universities from China who presented their papers. Their achievements are being used as a model for all to follow when encouraging students to actively participate in global events.

Overall, the 6th Virtual ICPESS 2021-Jakarta established a benchmark for a virtual conference regarding the number of world-renowned speakers and presenters while establishing academic excellence, improving the effectiveness of an organization during a pandemic, and excelling by the technical team’s operation for a scientific program. The passion from everyone involved in the promotion of health and well-being through exercise science was simply overwhelming.