With the initiation of BoD Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Abulkhanova, BRICSCESS, The Foundation For Community Health (GCH) and HOPSports and the Institution Federal Center for Organizational and Methodological Support of Physical Education agreed a strategic partnership at the Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF) (http://mmco-expo.ru/en/) supported by UNESCO in Moscow, Russia, 12-15 April 2017.

The agreement was finalized at the conference “New Opportunities for Physical Education and Sport in the Education System” with HOPSports supported by BRICSCESS and GCH, which took place within the framework of MIEF.

Head of Postgraduate Department of Moscow State Academy of Physical Education, Prof. Dr. Elena Skarzhinskaya shared the projects conducted by BRICSCESS, GCH, and HOPSports. The participants of the conference who represented 53 regions of Russia expressed their desire to participate in the projects.

The partnership will see the development of a series of joint initiatives targeted towards improvement and development of the international system of physical education based on promoting healthy lifestyles among schoolchildren.

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