Invited by Dr Gerda Joubert, Immediate Past President of Biokinetics Association of Southern Africa (BASA) and her Organizing Committee, Prof. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, delivered his keynote address entitled “The Linkage of CDC Coordinated School Health Model and Best Practice in Physical Education: A Global Perspective” at the 3rd Life Through Movement International Conference (LTMIC 2016) in Pretoria, South Africa. LTMIC 2016 was hosted by Sport Science Department, University of Pretoria (6-8 Oct 2016). An interview on his keynote was conducted and was in press at the web link (

During the Conference, Prof. Chin discussed with the key people of BASA and Exercise is Medicine in South Africa about the future co-operation with BRICSCESS, especially on the possibility of hosting the BRICSCESS 2019 in South Africa with Prof. Hans de Ridder’s support from North West University. Prof. De Ridder, the Vice President and Secretary General, conducted a workshop on BRICSCESS and promote the BRICSCESS 2017 in Santos, Brazil (29 Nov-2 Dec 2017) and was very well received.

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