Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, conducted a lecture tour at East China Normal University, Suzhou University and Yangzhou University from 29 March to 10 April, 2016. Prof. Chin introduced BRICSCESS to the Deans and Faculty of these three universities to explore future co-operation. He also visited and conducted workshops in new direction of PE and Health in several primary schools in these three provinces in China.

Hosted by Dr. Ferman Konukman, Prof. Dr. Ming-kai Chin, Founding President of BRICSCESS, visited the Sport Sciences Program, College of Art & Sciences, Qatar University and gave a lecture on “Global Perspectives in New Direction of Physical Activity & Health: The Role and Application of Interactive Technology” to faculty and students on 18 May 2016. Invited by Dr. Fuad Al-Mudahka, Head of Children Health, Exercise is Medicine Department, ASPETAR Hospital, Prof. Chin also visited and interacted with their research team to explore the future co-operation in promoting health and wellness of children and community of Qatar, BRICSCESS and the global network.

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